The main goal of the Upper Silesian Aviation Group as the management of Katowice Airport is the development of our Port and providing a high standard of services.

We constantly work to achieve this goal by expanding the infrastructure, hiring a highly-qualified staff and utilising modern technologies while maintaining the overriding principle of providing a realistically possible and acceptable level of security consistent with national and international standards.

We are committed to the continuous improvement of security.

The airport community is committed to observing and improving safety standards. Airport staff, users and contractors support the implementation and development of Katowice Airport’s security policy.

The Board, management and all employees are responsible for the implementation of security tasks and for ensuring that all applicable safety standards are observed and applied. The safety of air operations is treated on equal footing with the commercial interest of the company, with safety of air operations being a priority objective of both marketing and organizational strategies.

In accordance with current laws, aviation incidents and circumstances pertaining to these incidents that have or could have had an impact on flight safety must be reported within a specific time frame. We encourage everyone to report any other matters related to security. The purpose of reporting safety matters, as well as internal testing is to improve safety.

With the increasing level of activity at Katowice Airport, In order to maintain the level of risk threatening the safety at Katowice Airport at an acceptable level, taking into consideration the increasing level of activity, we are:

  • Applying risk management methods based on research, experience and best practices.
  • Maintaining appropriate structural organizational rules, assigning responsibilities, and competences in the field of security at every level of the organization, with the board's full involvement in security management.
  • Building a corporate culture incorporating secure practices that encourage communication of security-related issues and active security management, paying equal attention to performance, as in the case of financial management.
  • Effectively implementing standard operating procedures, including the use of checklists and the provision of instructions and information.
  • Introducing effective corrective actions to eliminate, reduce and minimize risks.
  • Undertaking new initiatives with may contribute to an increase in the level of security.
  • Encouraging the effective reporting of safety and security incidents and threats with a ‘no consequence’ (a just and fair culture).
  • Employing a system for collecting, analyzing and sharing data related to security from operating activities.
  • Employing a system of competence in terms of the investigation of accidents, and incidents, the identification of systemic safety deficiencies (instead of focusing on assigning blame for the results of such shortcomings); the integration of safety training (including human factor) for operational staff and ensuring the motivation, competence and safety awareness of all employees; Sharing the acquired security experience and best practices through an active exchange of information related to security with other organizations.
  • Ensuring an adequate level of security awareness and supervision over external entities providing services at Katowice Airport.
  • Ensuring the systematic supervision with regards to security and the monitoring of activities to assess the implementation of security, as well as the elimination of emerging problem areas.
  • Behaviours that intentionally undermine security and grossly negligent actions (when the effect of a given behavior could have been foreseen) will not and cannot be tolerated.

Consequences should not be drawn in situations where incorrect behaviours and decisions are the result of a lack of training or experience, or in cases of voluntary reporting. Each case and situation will be analysed and dealt with on an individual basis.

The Upper Silesian Aviation Group’s security policy is subject to updating, depending on the results of the activities undertaken and current trends in the field of civil aviation safety.

The Management of Katowice Airport takes due care and employs necessary resources to ensure the highest possible level of security at the airport for the benefit of our clients and contractors.

The Management of Katowice Airport assures that the quality management system and compliance monitoring includes activities related to the provision of aviation data and information in order to meet the needs of different users.