Answers to frequently asked questions

  • Katowice Airport prevents the spread of the coronavirus pandemic by adhering to directives of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency, the Civil Aviation Authority and the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate. The manager of the airport continuously co-operates with state services, air carriers, handling companies, and other airports in Poland.

  • In accordance with the new sanitary regulations, before arriving at the airport, all passengers must fill in a health declaration card as specified by the airline responsible for the flight. Provided the opportunity, passengers are advised to self check-in and have their boarding card in electronic form (i.e. downloaded on their phone). Simultaneously, we encourage all passengers to acquaint themselves and adhere to directives included in this FAQ.

  • The Health declaration card is a document which allows to evaluate a passenger's condition before he or she enters the terminal. It allows to assess if the passenger's condition deteriorated since filling in the document. The health declaration card should be filled in in accordance with instructions provided by the airline responsible for the flight.

  • During the passenger’s stay at the airport, it is obligatory to wear face protection at all times. It is also advised to wear disposable gloves. The obligation to wear face protection does not apply if:

    1. The passenger is under 4 years of age.

    2. The passenger has breathing issues.

    3. The passenger can’t put on or take off face protection due to health issues.

  • Special vending machines from which passengers may buy face protection, disposable gloves, and disinfectant liquid are available in each terminal.

  • No. In accordance with the new sanitary regulations, it is obligatory to carry face protection at all times during the flight.

  • Within the premises of the airport, as well as in airport shuttles, passengers are obliged to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres from other people.

  • Special signs and infographics are available in the terminals; they remind about the necessity of maintaining a proper distance from other people.

  • Those who do not travel (i.e. didn’t buy a flight ticket) can be in the terminals. It is mandatory to wear a mask protecting one's nose and face while inside the terminals.

  • A Passenger Assessment Cabin is a special room in which passengers whose body temperature exceeds 38°C will have their temperature checked once more. The room also allows to safely isolate people with COVID-19 symptoms while they await for transport to a healthcare institute.  

  • Numerous hand sanitizer stations are located in visible places in all terminals.

  • Katowice Airport cares for the health and safety of the passengers and strives to clean/decontaminate the terminals consistently.

  • Yes. In accordance with the new sanitary regulations, all aircrafts are decontaminated and cleaned after the end of each flight.

  • A medical centre is located in Terminal A. It operates around the clock. In case of any problems, please inform the airport personel immediately.

  • If possible, inform the staff of Katowice Airport about such a possibility.

  • One may take care of his or her’s health and safety by regularly disinfecting hands (hand sanitizer stations are located in each terminal), restraining from direct contact with other people, wearing face protection and adhering to directives deriving from this FAQ.

  • Yes. Food courts are open, but food, drinks etc. is available only as takeaway.

  • In accordance with the new sanitary regulations, all communal areas which are not crucial to the functioning of the airport are to remain closed.

  • Before crossing the Polish border, passengers must fill in a Passenger Locator Form; it is available on the official website of the Polish government.

    In the event of not being able to fill in the locatory form online, the flight crew will provide such passengers with a paper version of the document.


  • After arriving and claiming baggage, it is advised to leave the airport as quickly as possible.

  • Please acquaint yourselves with quarantine rules after arriving in Poland.

  • You can pay for P1 parking at the automatic parking machines located at the terminal exists and in the car park. Payment for car park P2 is collected as you exit the car park. You can also book parking spaces on the airport's website. The automatic parking machines accept cash and cards.

  • A packed lunch or cake may be carried in hand luggage. All beverages are subject to the limit of containers no more than 100ml each, and all liquids transported in hand luggage must be carried in a single, plastic, transparent and resealable bag with a capacity not exceeding 1 litre.

  • You can, but for safety reasons, cosmetics are subject to containers no more than 100ml in volume each. All creams, gels, hair sprays, deodorants, etc. are also considered liquid and are subject to a volume limit of up to 100ml each. All items carried in hand luggage are subject to security checks and all liquid items must be contained in a single plastic, transparent and resealable bag with a capacity not exceeding 1 litre.

  • Lost luggage offices of handling agents LS Airport Services (+48 32 39 27 327), Ryanair (+48 32 39 27 486), as well as Welcome Airport Services (+48 32 39 27 428) are located in the arrivals hall in Terminal C.

  • All items lost on the plane are passed on to the Lost Baggage Office LS Airport Services (+48 32 39 27 327), Welcome (+48 32 39 27 428) and Ryanair (+48 32 39 27 486), depending on which airline passengers were travel on.

  • Yes, you can.

  • Yes, terminals are available to passengers around the clock.

  • Yes, you can buy airline tickets:

    • Wizz Air in the LS Airport Services office on the ground floor of Terminal A
    • Ryanair at Ryanair’s office on the ground floor of Terminal A
    • LOT Polish Airlines in their office on the first floor in Terminal B

    For other airlines, you would need to contact the carrier directly.

  • Gate closing times depend on the airlines themselves. Please read the terms and conditions of the of airline you’re travelling with. We suggest arriving at the appropriate departure hall at the latest 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

  • Check-in usually starts two hours before the scheduled departure time. This time may change, so please read the terms and conditions of the airline you’re travelling with.

  • Low cost airlines operating from our airport (Wizz Air, Ryanair) do not allow for the carriage of animals.

  • Yes, you can book assistance when you book your ticket or by contacting our PRM service (for people with reduced mobility) on ph: +48 32 39 27 394.

  • For safety reasons, a passenger may take liquids in packaging of a capacity not exceeding 100 ml each in their hand luggage. All liquid items carried in hand luggage must be contained in one, plastic, transparent and resealable bag with a capacity not exceeding 1 litre.

  • No, you can place packages with unlimited liquids in checked baggage (eg a 2-litre bottle of drink). When transporting larger amounts of alcohol, remember about the customs regulations of the country you are travelling to.

  • Yes, the post office is on the ground floor in Terminal A.

  • The following discounts for large families are offered at the airport:

    • 20% off at P1 car park, for stays of over 6 days
    • 30% for P2 parking, for stays of over 6 days

    Discounts provided with the Large-Family Card cannot be used in combination with other discounts or sales.
    Already now, families with at least three children (large families) traveling on the over 95 routes available from Katowice Airport are be able to take advantage of attractive pricing of our car parks.

  • VAT refunds can be obtained in Terminal A at the Kantor Change currency exchange, after having completed all the formalities at the Customs Office.

  • Passengers with small children up to two years old can skip the line at check-in, security checks and to board and deplane the aircraft.

  • Yes, you must go to the check-in desk to get a stroller tag.

  • Airlines operating from Katowice Airport carry strollers and carriers for free. Some low-cost airlines charge for extra luggage necessary for the child's travel, e.g. car seats. For details, please contact the airline directly.

  • Yes, for children up to two years old, you can take food and drink in sufficient quantities for the duration of your journey.

  • The customs limits depend on the country to which you’re travelling. Before you leave, make sure you check the import regulations of the country to which you’re travelling.

  • If you’re flying with an airline that offers passengers self check-in online, and you have not printed, or have forgotten to take your boarding pass, you will have to pay for the boarding pass at the airline's check-in desk as though re-checking-in. All other airlines will print the boarding pass free of charge. You can also have the boarding pass on a mobile device using the airline’s map.

  • Unfortunately, there is no luggage storage available at the airport.