About European funds

Information about European Union funds the Upper Silesian Aviation Group, managing Katowice Airport, utilises

TEN-T Community Programme

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The TEN-T Fund is an EU aid program in the field of transport addressed to all EU Member States. Financing from the TEN-T fund may be applied for by both public and private entities operating in the sphere of public services as well as Public-Private Partnership.

Funds from the TEN-T budget are intended for projects of common interest that:

  • contribute to the sustainable development of the transport network throughout the Community,
  • ensure the consistency and interoperability of the trans-European transport network and that access to it integrates all modes of transport,
  • they contribute to environmental protection and increase safety standards.

Cohesion Fund

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The Cohesion Fund is an instrument of the structural policy of the European Union, but it is not included in the structural funds. Assistance from the Cohesion Fund is national, not regional, as in the case of structural funds. The primary objective of the fund is to strengthen the social and economic cohesion of the European Union by financing large projects forming a coherent whole in the field of environmental protection and transport infrastructure.

The Cohesion Fund co-finances projects related to environmental protection and transport infrastructure with a value exceeding EUR 10 million. The assumption of the implementation of Cohesion Fund projects in the environmental sector is the adaptation of existing facilities to European standards, as well as the construction of new elements conducive to the improvement of the natural environment.