Duty free limits

Information worth knowing about customs limits

The import of items in the traveller's personal luggage - value and quantitative limits

The import of goods in the personal luggage of a passenger arriving by air from the territory of a third country into Poland is exempt from VAT (and hence from import duties) to the equivalent of EUR 430.

These quantities and values ​​do not include the value of medicinal products necessary to meet the traveller's needs, the value of tobacco and tobacco products and alcoholic beverages imported under the following standards.

With regard to tobacco products and alcoholic beverages, the following amounts of the abovementioned of goods are allowed:

Tobacco products if imported by a traveller aged 17 years or over:

  • cigarettes - 200 pieces or
  • cigarillos (cigars with a weight not exceeding 3g/piece) - 100 pieces or
  • cigars - 50 pieces or
  • tobacco for smoking - 250 g

The exemption under the abovementioned standards may be applied to any combination of tobacco products, provided that the sum of the percentages used for individual exemptions does not exceed 100%.
Alcoholic beverages if imported by a traveller aged 17 or older:

  • beverages resulting from distillation and spirits with alcoholic strength by volume of more than 22%, undenatured ethyl alcohol of an alcoholic strength by volume of 80% or more - 1 litre, or
  • alcohol and alcoholic beverages with an alcoholic strength by volume not exceeding 22% - 2 litres and
  • still wines - 4 litres and
  • beer - 16 litres.

The exemption under the abovementioned standards may be applied to any combination of the various types of alcohol and alcoholic beverages referred to in point a and b, provided that the sum of the percentages for individual exemptions does not exceed 100%.


Departing passengers have a choice of using the "NOTHING TO DECLARE" - marked with a green emblem , or "GOODS, FOREIGN/NATIONAL CURRENCY TO DECLARE" - marked in red.

The posts "GOODS AND FOREIGN CURRENCY TO DECLARE" marked with the red emblem are intended for travellers who export foreign exchange ​​and/or domestic currency in the amount equal to or exceeding the equivalent of EUR 10,000, and exporting goods intended for business or commercial goods, as well as goods subject to export restrictions, e.g. items of historical or cultural value.
The "NOTHING TO DECLARE" posts marked with in green are intended for other travellers.


In order to contact the Customs and Tax Service, please enquire at the Airport Information desk. A staff member will provide the necessary information and report your arrival to the officer.
Travellers with doubts regarding customs and foreign exchange regulations may obtain information by phone:

+48 22 330 03 30 (from mobile phones)
801 055 055 (from landlines)
+48 22 330 03 30 (from abroad)


Travellers may choose the green "NOTHING TO DECLARE" corridor if they are not carrying goods that exceed customs concessions for travellers.
All goods that exceed customs concessions must be declared prior to leaving the Arrivals Hall at the "GOODS, FOREIGN/NATIONAL CURRENCY TO DECLARE" in the red corridor.

Written declaration is required for the import of foreign and domestic currencies in the amount equal to or exceeding the equivalent of 10 000 euro, and gold and platinum regardless of value.

It is forbidden to bring in narcotics and items prohibited for carriage or harmful to people, animals, plants, public safety and order. Persons infringing the customs or foreign currency regulations will be liable to criminal and fiscal sanctions.

This information is only general in aspect. The law is published in the Polish Journal of Laws. Travellers should be aware of the laws and regulations prior to crossing the border of the Republic of Poland.

Duty free shops

There are duty-free stores in the departure halls of Terminals A and B at Katowice Airport, offering passengers travelling internationally and leaving the territory of the Republic of Poland, goods intended exclusively for export.

Import and cash export

There is no limit on the import and export of money for travellers. However, those who do not like paying by card and choose cash should be aware that when crossing the border they are obliged to report in writing to customs authorities or Border Guard authorities performing customs control the fact of having domestic or foreign currency in the amount equal to or exceeding the equivalent of 10 000 euro. It is also necessary to report foreign exchange gold and foreign exchange platinum regardless of value.

Information on the prohibition of imports of food of animal origin by travellers in personal luggage

Due to the risk of diseases being introduced into the European Union, there are strict procedures regarding the introduction of certain animal products into the EU. These procedures do not apply to the carriage of products of animal origin between 28 EU Member States or for products originating in Andorra, Liechtenstein, Norway, San Marino and Switzerland.

It is prohibited to import into the European Union in personal luggage:

  • meat and meat products (meat, sausages, animal fat, tinned meat, dough stuffed with meat or containing meat, pasta (if it contains meat or milk), sauces, soups, etc.,
  • milk and milk products (milk, yoghurt, cream, cottage cheese, kefir, butter, condensed milk, ice cream, etc.,
  • pet food containing meat or milk (pet food, chew toys).

A detailed list of prohibited goods and exemptions is contained in Annexes I and II to Commission Regulation (EC) No 206/2009.

Failure to submit such products may result in commencement of legal proceedings and being subject to a fine.