The following information provides only the general terms and conditions of transport as each airline individually sets the luggage allowance on any particular route. For more specific information, please contact the carrier.

Wizz Air

Small cabin bag
If your cabin baggage is of size 55x40x23cm or smaller it can be taken onboard free of charge. It must fit under the seat in front of you.

Small cabin bag

Should the size of the carry-on luggage exceed these limits, the luggage will be carried in the baggage hold of the aircraft and will be considered to be checked luggage.

The maximum dimensions of one item of luggage to fit in the cargo hold are:

Checked baggage
  • Width 149.9 cm (59 in),
  • Height: 119.4 cm (47 in),
  • Length: 171.5 cm (67.5 in).

Each passenger may check in up to 6 pieces of baggage. A fee is payable for each piece of checked luggage per passenger per flight. During reservation, passengers are required to indicate how many pieces of baggage will be checked in and pay for each item.
The maximum weight for a single item of checked baggage may not exceed 32 kg

LOT Polish Airlines

The maximum weight checked luggage is 30 kg in Business Class and 20 kg in Ecomony Class.

Checked baggage

Regardless of the limit of checked luggage, each passenger is permitted to carry hand luggage (Business Class - 9 kg, Economy Class - 6 kg).

Hand baggage

The maximum weight if one item of luggage cannot exceed 23 kg in Economy Class and 32 kg in Business Class.


Maximum size of one piece of luggage cannot exceed 158cm (length + width + height).

Checked baggage

Regardless of checked luggage limits, each passenger is permitted to carry cabin luggage. Each item of cabin luggage must not exceed 8 kg in weight and the dimensions of 55 x 40 x 20 cm.

Hand baggage

On many long-haul flights, the Piece Concept applies. This means that every adult passenger may check in up to two pieces of baggage in addition to the carry-on luggage, free of charge.

Upon arrival, passengers are asked to check the identification number on the baggage coupon so as to avoid confusion, particularly in the cases of similar-looking luggage belonging to other passengers. Should luggage be lost or damaged, passengers must notify the "Lost and Found" office in the arrivals hall.

Passengers are requested to inform check-in staff regarding valuable or fragile items in check-in luggage. In order to facilitate luggage identification, passengers are asked to affix suitable tags clearly stating contact details and to also provide contact details inside your luggage.


One cabin bag per passenger* weighing up to 10kg with maximum dimensions of 55 x 40 x 20 cm, plus 1 small bag up to 35 x 20 x 20 cm.

Hand baggage Hand baggage

Due to cabin space limitations only 90 cabin bags (55 x 40 x 20 cms) can be carried in the cabin, any remainder will be carried free of charge in the aircraft hold.

Oversized cabin baggage will be refused at the boarding gate, or where available, placed in the hold of the aircraft for an additional fee. If you are unsure, check at the Bag Drop desk before going through security.

*excluding infants travelling on a parent’s lap

Each passenger may check in up to two checked bags upon payment of the applicable checked baggage fees by electing to purchase a checked baggage allowance of either 15 kilos or 20 kilos when make their initial booking.

Checked baggage

Infants do not qualify for a checked or hand baggage allowance. One fully-collapsible stroller may be carried free of charge for each child. Additional child equipment such as car seats and travel cots may be carried in addition to the checked luggage allowance. Infant equipment is charged a separate fee per item per one-way flight.

Mobility equipment is carried free of charge.


Hand luggage
Hand luggage allowance is restricted to one item per passenger weighing up to 6 kg and maximum dimensions of 55x20x40 cm.

Checked baggage
The maximum checked baggage weight is 20 kg per item. Bags over the size or weight allowance will incur additional charge of 24 PLN per kg over the limit.

Charter airlines

Passengers are asked to familiarise themselves with the General Conditions of the individual package holiday tours - tour operators are required to provide details regarding checked/hand luggage allowances.

Excess luggage

Luggage which exceeds the permitted limits is subject to an additional charge. The amount payable is dependent on the route and the exceeded parameters. Charges for excess luggage are collected at check-in at the applicable rate.

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