Important information

  • Information for passengers transporting
    pet animals by air.
  • Before leaving for the airport, check that you have all your essential travel documents and all other necessary items - especially your ticket and passport (or some form of personal ID).
  • Give yourself enough time at the airport: recommended - 2 hours before an international flight and 1 hour before a domestic flight. Check in and security checks take time.
  • The airport is accessible by public transport, taxi or your own form of transport.
  • It's illegal to park at the entrance to both Terminals A and B. You can stop there briefly to unload luggage and let off passengers. Leave your car at one of the airport's car parks.
  • Remember to remove all prohibited items from your hand luggage - particularly sharp items and liquids in containers over 100ml. Place these items into your checked luggage (that will be put into the luggage hold). Make sure that you attach tags clearly stating your name, address and telephone contact details.
    A full list of prohibited items
    Never accept accept parcels and packages belonging to others. If you notice unattended luggage or packages within the terminal, do not touch them! Inform airport staff immediately.
  • When checking in, make sure you have your ticket and passport (or other form of ID) ready. This will help speed up the check-in process.
  • During security checks, place all items made of metal: keys, watches, belts with large buckles, mobile phones, walkmans, coins etc in the trays provided and place them on the conveyor belt of the x-ray machine, together with your entire hand luggage. Larger trays are provided for outerwear such as coats and jackets. This will help speed up security control.
Katowice Airport

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