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Airlines offer regularly-scheduled services from Katowice to more than 30, mainly European, destinations. Wizz Air offers the most destinations (21), followed by Ryanair (9), LOT Polish Airlines (2) and Lufthansa (2). Travel agents, however, offer charter connections from Katowice to countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. Overall, approximately 40 charter destinations are available from Katowice.

hr terminal destination flight number remarks
18:50 wystartowalB Amsterdam (Ams) HV 5564 wystartował 19:06
19:20 wystartowalA Sharm El Sheikh (Ssh) SM 612 gate zamknięty
19:30 wystartowalB Bari (Bri) W6 1139 wystartował 19:37
20:25 wystartowalA Dublin (Dub) FR 5347 check in zakończona
05:35 wystartowalB Warsaw (Waw) LO 3880

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