Birds and landscaping

Security policy regulations for breeding birds at the airport

In order to guarantee the safety and continuity of flight operations, aviation regulations indicate that areas around the airport should be designated as areas where it is forbidden to breed or feed birds that pose a threat to flying aircraft. It is important that at a distance of 7 km from the aerodrome reference point (ARP) is upheld to prevent the construction of buildings or land use which may encourage increased numbers of birds.

In order to protect airports against actions and events that may cause unacceptable threats to the traffic of aircraft using the airport, the President of the Civil Aviation Office requires agreements for, for example, projected local spatial development plans and draft decisions on development conditions for local governments.

According to art. 87 6 of the Act of 14 December 2018. Amending the Act - Aviation Law and several other acts (Journal of Laws from 2019r. Item 235) forbid:

  1. the construction or extension of construction works favouring the occurrence of animals posing a threat to the movement of aircraft within 7km from the aerodrome reference point disclosed in the airport register,
  2. the breeding or releasing of birds posing a threat to the movement of aircraft up to 3km from the threshold and the end of the runway of the airport and 1.5km from the axis of the airport runway, on both sides of the runway.

The areas designated on the basis of the above regulations are defined on the following map.

pdf Map - birds and land development Download

Legal requirements regarding means of development of grounds around the airport also concern limits imposed with regards to the height of buildings and natural objects (trees, bushes). Details are available under the Aerial obstacles tab.

More information is available from the airport manager:

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