Aerial obstacles

Security policy regulations regarding air obstacles

The air space around the airport is secured against all aerial obstacles, in order to allow for safe and uninterrupted air traffic operations.
For this purpose, areas with limits imposed with regards to the height of buildings and natural objects have been determined in the vicinity of airports must meet the requirements of international (ICAO), European (EASA) and national regulations. The map of the boundary surfaces and the list of aerial obstacles is approved by the President of the Civil Aviation Office and transferred to local governments around the airport.

Natural and artificial objects, including buildings, located within the limits of obstacle limiting surfaces cannot be higher than the heights defined for these surfaces.

While calculating the height of the object, chimneys, advertisements, antennas and other devices placed on them are also taken into account, and in the case of roads or railway lines, also their extremes. The following objects are considered to be aerial obstacles:

  • higher than the heights determined by the bound surfaces,
  • with a height from 100m above the surrounding area or water,
  • occurring in the line of the runway,
  • other objects, which as a result of evaluation and analysis have been recognised by the President of the Civil Aviation Authority as a potential threat to aircraft traffic.

pdf Map of air obstacles Download

Each new fixed (buildings, structures) or temporary object (cranes) in the vicinity of the airport require an assessment in order to determine whether the object creates an unacceptable risk to the safety of flight operations.

Based on Article. 87 par. 3 of the Aviation Law, the consent for the establishment of a permanent object, the height of which exceeds the amount determined by the regulations limiting obstacles, is granted by manner of an administrative decision by the President of the Civil Aviation Office.

Civil Aviation Office
Ul. Marcin Flis 2
02-247 Warsaw

Based on Article. 87 par. 4 of the Aviation Act, it is permissible to place temporary objects following an agreement, with regards to parameters and the location of the object, from airport management and the Polish Air Navigation Service Agency. In order to obtain permission following an agreement with regards to the conditions of construction of a temporary obstacle from the airport manager, the following form applies. This data forms the minimum content for the publication of NOTAM obstacles at the airport and in its vicinity. Additional information regarding the location of the obstacle can be extended by adding a written description of the location.

docx Application for obstacle clearance or construction equipment Download

The form should be sent to at least 48 hours in advance. This is time frame allows for the need to verify the object relative to the surfaces limiting the height of the building. The applicant is also required to agree on the conditions for the construction of the obstacle with the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency and obtain information on the impact of the planned obstacle on take-off and landing procedures.

Polish Air Navigation Services Agency
ul. Wieżowa 8
02-147 Warsaw
More information regarding the possibility of location and work of cranes in the vicinity of the airport are available from the Port Operative Duty Officer:
+48 32 39 27 262
+48 602 746 066

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