A new aircraft maintenance hangar will be built at Katowice Airport. The building will be leased by Wizz Air. Currently, the building is in the design phase. A construction works contractor will be chosen by the end of 2024, and the hangar will be operational by the end of January 2026 at the latest.

The fourth hangar will cover a surface of approx. 10,000 m2, it will have two bays allowing to serve aircraft the size of an Airbus A321neo. The facility will also include numerous technical and storage rooms; a paint shop, grindery among others. The hangar will also be equipped with a three-storey office and a social facility, with a part dedicated to trainings.

After putting the fourth hangar into service, the total surface of infrastructure used for aircraft maintenace at Katowice Airport will be over 32,000 m2. There will be a total of eight available bays allowing to maintain Code C aircraft (i.e. Boeing 737/Airbus A320).