On 19 May 2004, Wizz Air commenced its first commercial flight by handling the Katowice Airport – London Luton route. It was also when the Hungarian carrier established its first base at KTW.
Exactly twenty years later, on 19 May 2024 (Sunday), before the morning flight to Luton, Wizz Air celebrated its 20th anniversary at Katowice Airport with passengers. A special cake awaited travellers. Also, every passenger on the Katowice – Luton route received a special gift: a 20 coupon which may be used while booking Wizz Air flights in the future.

In two decades, as part of its network at Katowice Airport, Wizz Air handled 25.5m passengers; that's approx. 45% of all travellers served at Katowice Airport in 2004-2024.
In the first half of 2024, Wizz Air has five Airbus A320/A321 aircraft based at Katowice Airport, and offers 26 routes to 18 countries as part of the "Summer 2024" schedule. Moreover, on the basis of infrastructure provided by the Upper Silesian Aviation Group (GTL S.A.), which consists, among others, of two hangars, the airline carries out maintenance of its aircraft at Katowice Airport.