On 20 August 2022, Zarząd Transportu Metropolitalnego will launch new bus lines: M16 and M116, allowing to reach Katowice Airport. The new bus lines will replace line AP1 and will be available every 60 minutes on work days and every 120 minutes on weekends and holidays. M16/M116 will be available 24/7.

M16 (Schedule): Gliwice (Arena Widowiskowo-Sportowa) – Zabrze (Plac Dworcowy) – Bytom (Dworzec) – Piekary Śląskie (Osiedle Wieczorka - Dworzec)

M116 (Schedule): Piekary Śląskie (Osiedle Wieczorka - Dworzec) – Bobrowniki (Dobieszowice - Skrzyżowanie) – Katowice Airport - Siedliska Cargo

Upon reaching "Osiedle Wieczorka - Dworzec" stop in Piekary Śląskie, M16 buses will begin handling line M116 on the route to Katowice Airport; simultaneously, on the abovementioned stop, M116 buses will begin handling line M16 on the route to Gliwice, thus allowing to travel between Gliwice and Katowice Airport without changing buses.