Projects in progress

List of investment and purchasing projects in the process of being realised by the Upper Silesian Aviation Group, managing Katowice Airport, co-financed with European Union funds

Construction of a multimodal goods and fuel delivery hub with railway siding connection at Katowice Airport

Construction of a multimodal goods and fuel delivery hub with railway siding connection at Katowice Airport

Total value: EUR 20 180 758
Value of EU co-funding: up to 50% of the project’s value

The project covers the realisation of the following tasks:

  • Construction of a railway siding connecting Katowice Airport with the Central Railway Main Line via railway line No. 182 (Tarnowskie Góry - Zawiercie)
  • Construction of an unloading railway front for loading and unloading of goods and fuel.

The aim of the project is to create a multimodal transport hub with delivery and accompanying infrastructure, which will allow to transport goods (including aviation fuel) and supply aircraft operating at Katowice Airport with fuel. The new infrastructure will result in reduction of road transportation in favour of rail, thus supporting the development of a sustainable transport system. The multimodal goods and fuel delivery hub will be prepared to handle alternative fuels to improve energy efficiency and reduce climate emissions.

The new infrastructure will be adjusted for civil-military dual use purposes, thus allowing to secure deliveries and continuity of operations during on-going military operations. The project has an interoperable nature, meaning that the new infrastructure will be intended for use by all interested entities using the airport's services, both civilian and military, as well as entities doing business in the region.

The project is realised as part of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) 2021-2027 Military Mobility.

LIFE ARCHICLIMA: Solution for climate change vulnerability/risk assessment and adaptation planning in large commercial architecture (LIFE20 CCA/PL/001573)

The goal of the project is to increase resilience to climate changes at big facilities (such as shopping centres, airports etc.) by implementing the Archiclima innovative system, which is used to: (1) conduct assessments of facilities when it comes to their vulnerability/risk to climate change and (2) plan climate change adaptation of existing facilities using Nature-Based Solutions. These facilities are hotspots for climate hazards in the urban fabric.

Our idea is to implement the concept of sponge cities in large-scale commercial facilities such as shopping centres and airports. The power of this concept lies in changing the previous way of thinking: water treated in excess as a threat to the facility begins to be seen in this new philosophy as an opportunity for sustainability. In this concept, every drop falling from the sky is important. In the context of the urban fabric, Archiclima stands for biodiversity development, nature conservation, sustainable water management, disaster risk reduction (e.g. urban flooding) and reduction of the urban heat island effect. An important premise of the project is to rely on solutions with a minimal carbon footprint, which means actively contributing to climate change mitigation policies.

The implementation of nature-based solutions has proven beneficial effects on the health, safety and well-being of people through, among other things, improved air quality, reduction of urban heat islands, increased places for relaxation, leisure, socializing and a variety of activities. In an era of widespread overuse of concrete, Archiclima represents a completely opposite approach. It's a complex program to introduce wildlife and life to places where they are currently not present. Actions in this area are positively viewed by urban residents, facility users and informed consumers. They considerably strengthen the image of companies which adapt them. Moreover, the project allows for broad promotion of adaptive actions realised in particular locations and their international demonstration as the best available practices. Our ideology is well epitomised by the words: NATURE KNOWS BEST.

LIFE Archiclima project no. LIFE20 CCA/PL/001573 has received funding from the LIFE Programme of the European Union and from the Polish National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.


Investeko S.A.
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Europejskie Forum Odpowiedzialności Ekologicznej
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Górnośląskie Towarzystwo Lotnicze SA
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Investeko Serwis Sp. z o.o.
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Total/eligible costs: € 2,314,306
European Commission grant: € 1,272,868 (55% of total eligible costs)
NFOŚiGW grant: € 925,722 (40% of total eligible costs)


1 July 2021 – 30 June 2025

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