Check in

Vital information regarding check-in at Katowice Airport

Check-in time

Passengers are required to report to the check-in desk no later than the time listed on their ticket. The check-in time for ticketing and registering luggage is:

  • 120 minutes before departure - for passengers travelling on international flights
  • 60 minutes before departure - for passengers travelling on domestic routes.

Consumption of alcohol and use of intoxicating substances

Due to safety reasons the staff may refuse to take aboard persons who are under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances.

Medical recommendations

Even if the staff are doing their best, certain inconveniences may occur on board during the flight. For example, due to low air humidity in the cabin, passengers may have an impression of face skin tension and suffer unpleasant sensations of dryness in nose, throat and eyes" mucous membranes. A change in pressure inside the cabin may cause headaches or earaches. Overloads may lead to vertigo, nausea and stomach disorders.

We recommend that you should:

  • Wear light clothes and shoes for air travel
  • Drink bigger amounts of water and juices during the flight, reduce consumption of alcohol which causes organism dehydration
  • Avoid smoking as nicotine has a negative effect on blood coagulability
  • Avoid eating big meals before the flight as this may lead to nausea
  • Suck a sweet or yawn to get rid of the impression of blocked ears
  • As part of preventive measures, do a few simple things e.g. put some moisturising cream on the face or use a nose inhalator. Persons using contact lenses are advised to remove them and put on glasses instead or drop "artificial tears" into their eyes. This will make you feel better, enhancing comfort of journey.
  • When sitting in an armchair, avoid folding your legs to prevent venous embolism. From time to time you should do some relaxation exercises and change your position.