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Cargo terminal

Katowice Airport is the most significant – following only Chopin Airport in Warsaw – centre for air freight in Poland. The port is a hub for air freight for southern Poland. Katowice Airport serves courier companies such as DHL Express, TNT, FedEx and UPS who operate regular daily freight services to their European trans-shipment ports. In addition, Katowice Airport in Pyrzowice, is the first choice in terms of cargo charter services. In 2015, the airport handled 16 119 tons of cargo.

New cargo base

High capacity
The new facility is the first building designed as part of the Cargo complex at Katowice Airport. The use of modern technology guarantees comprehensive and fast handling of parcels - from the moment of unloading from the aircraft, through transport to the warehouse, where, with the availability of modern sorting systems these can be quickly issued to couriers and transport companies. All this will speed up handling times - ultimately up to several thousand of packages per hour - shortening the waiting time for shipment and providing the highest quality services at peak parcel times, eg. before Christmas.

Convenient location
The terminal sits on a site of approximately 11 hectares, in front of the new cargo apron, in the south-eastern part of the airport. This particular location significantly increases and eases the handling of freight, which is particularly important from the perspective of courier companies. In addition, the terminal’s location in this particular place ensures the separation of traffic associated with passenger services, from that of cargo.

Modules and zones
The facility covers an area of 12 000m² and is three times larger than the current freight terminal. The terminal’s design includes structural solutions which will in the future make it possible to reorganise the facility in a modular manner. This means that the facility will be able to be adjusted to fit the size and needs of courier companies. The terminal is divided into two parts - air freight services and office space. The facility’s designer anticipated the creation of independent zones - so that every tenant would have their own individual space in which to conduct their business. Companies have their own parking spaces, loading ramps, gates from the Cargo apron side and parking, server rooms and their own office spaces. The facility also includes offices for Customs and Border Guards.

Cargo in numbers:

  • 12 000m² - surface area of the terminal building itself, including:
    • 10 000m² - warehouse pace, and:
    • 2000m² - office space
  • 96 500m³ - cubature
  • 10.2m – height
  • 154m – length
  • 67.5 m - breadth.

Land Development

A system of internal roads, manoeuvering yards and car parks able to accommodate 29 semi-trailers (up to 40 tons), 38 delivery vans (up to 3.5 tons) and 109 passenger vehicles, has been developed on an area spanning almost 6000m².

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