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Silesia Airport
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Road and rail network

KTW/EPKT is one of the most easily-accessible airports in Poland. Currently, Silesia has the best network of express roads and motorways in the country.

  • Silesian Voivodeship – 1st place in terms of kilometres of sealed roads per 100km2
  • Regarded as being an area of exceptional transport infrastructure
  • Katowice Airport is located in the vicinity of the intersection of major European transport routes and is in right on the major routes in southern Poland
  • There are 6 European capitals within a radius of 600 km of Katowice Airport: Warsaw, Prague, Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, Vienna
  • Intersection of A1 Motorway and S1 express road – airport interchange, opened in July 2012. The A1 Motorway is one of the elements on the BAC – Baltic-Adriatic corridor
Katowice Airport

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