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2012-06-05The grand opening of two investments i one day

Just four days before the start of Euro 2012, the Upper Silesian Aviation Group and the Polish Civil Aviation Office celebrated the grand opening of the newly modernised section of passenger terminal A and thelaunch of the D-VOR/DME navigational aid.

An 8.8m-wide, 102m-long concourse was added to Terminal A,  thus increasing its functionality. The Terminal was enlarged by 1000m, to 8200m2. A glass facade was added as well as a new roof suspended on cables. The contractor, SKANSKA SA, also modernised the maintenance hangar in Pyrzowice in which Wizz Air aircraft are serviced, and the adjoining areas. In addition, the sewerage system in front of the passenger terminals was modernised. The entire investment cost 9 million PLN.

The second investment project officially launched at Katowice Airport  is the new D-VOR/DME ground station. This venture was realized by the Polish Civil Aviation Office, which purchased and installed the new navigational aid. Having received appropriate administrative approval, the Civil Aviation Office published the update in AIP Polska, which in turn allows for the use of the auxiliary approach to landing at the airport in Pyrzowice.

Better navigational aids for the auxiliary approach to landing is extremely important, as owing to the changing structure of prevailing winds, the auxiliary approach to landing is becoming more often used in operations.

The new D-VOR ground station, which was installed in conjunction with Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) is a radio system using special receivers within the aircraft and allowing pilots to read the signal and therefore the appropriate airway to landing and the distance from the receiver.

The new ground station will be, first and foremost, used as a navigational aid on auxiliary approach RWY09. The main approach RWY27 will continue to utilise the precise ILS - Instrument Landing System.


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