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Car Park 1

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Unguarded car park

On the airport premises there are twenty-four hour car parks for cars and buses.

Phone number: +48 32 39 27 189

download unsecured car park terms and conditions

The charge list enter into force on 01.01.2017

The charge list

Time Price
Up to 1 hr. 5
Up to 2 hrs. 14
Up to 3 hrs. 20
From 3 to 9 hrs. (per each additional hour, or part thereof) 5
First day 50
2 days 80
3 days 110
3-7 days (per each additional day, or part thereof) 5
1 week 130
Each additional day 6
2 weeks 172
Each additional day, or part thereof (over 2 weeks) 6
Cost for additional security for car wheels 50
Cost for coach/bus entry (up to 1 hour) 20
Cost for coach/bus entry (for each additional hour) 5
Cost for car/mini-bus with trailer (up to 1hour) 12
Cost for car/mini-bus with trailer (for each additional hour) 10
Disabled up to 30 min. Free of charge
Loss or failure to collect parking ticket at entry from the ticket machine 250