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2013-06-27The new apron is ready


The construction of completely new line infrastructure has been completed at Katowice Airport within the time limit set two years ago. At a cost of 81 000 000 PLN, the Upper Silesian Aviation Group, which manages Katowice Airport in Pyrzowice, has expanded the surface area of the aircraft parking stations and modernised the airport's three taxiways (E1, E2 and D). Aircraft arriving at Katowice Airport will benefit from the new infrastructure from the second half of July. With the expansion completed, Katowice Airport is ready to receive twice the number of aircraft than it could to date.

Work on the expansion of the apron and modernisation of the taxiways began in June 2011 and lasted two years and was completed by the, the Polish branch of Max Bögl (Germany). As a result of this investment project, Katowice Airport has gained nearly 15 ha of new airfield surfaces. This project formed one of two tasks within framework of the biggest current airport project as part of the: "Airport in Katowice - expansion and modernisation of airport infrastructure."

The new apron covers an area of ​​110 000 m2 and can hold thirteen medium-range aircraft: 10 code C aircraft (eg Airbus 320) and 3 code D (Boeing 757) or alternatively seven code C and code 5 code D aircraft. The upgraded taxiways are designed to handle wide-bodied aircraft the size of a Jumbo Jet.

At the same time as the construction of the apron, work was carried out on the modernisation of taxiways E1, E2, and D. These taxiways were extended to be able to accept the parameters of the code E aircraft, and equipped with the necessary supporting infrastructure. A total of 39 000 m2 of new airport surfaces were added to taxiways E1, E2 and D.

The project covering the extension aircraft parking positions and modernisation of the taxiways was the first and one of the two tasks within the "Airport in Katowice - expansion and modernisation of airport infrastructure." The second task is the construction of a new runway 3200 m in length of. The total value of the project that will be completed in the second quarter of 2015 will come out to nearly 268 million PLN gross. This project is being realised with the support of European Union funding from the Cohesion Fund as part of the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment. The funding will amount to half of the total investment costs.

Take a look in our gallery of photos documenting the two years of work expanding apron 1 to the east and modernisation of taxiways E1, E2 and D.


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