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2011-06-01Statistics - May 2011

From the beginning of January through to the end of May, Katowice Airport handled 780 735 passengers, which is over 24 thousand more than in the same time period last year. From the very beginning of the year, there has also been an 18% increase in charter traffic noted. In this sector of air travel, Katowice Airport has handled already 123 735 passengers this year. May this year saw Katowice Airport handle 306 935 passengers - 2 175 more than in the corresponding time period last year. Of these, 53 622 people were taking charter flights - that's 8% more than in May 2010. In the coming months, more records will be broken in the numbers of charter passengers travelling to and from Katowice Airport. One of the most significant factors influencing these high passenger numbers is the largest charter network in Katowice Airport's history of 37 destinations, to 12 countries, spanning three continents - Europe, Asia and Africa. In addition, Wizz Air on June 11, opens a connection to Burgas in Bulgaria, for the summer season. Flights on this route will take place three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays through to 17 September. The second half of June will see Wizz Air increase the frequency of its operations to Dortmund (18 flights a week), Eindhoven (6 times a week) and Oslo-Torp (7 times a week).


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