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2012-02-21Katowice Airport expansion – update

Katowice Airport is in the process of realising the largest infrastructure expansion programme in its history. Several investments are being conducted simultaneously. Here's an update of how work is going on each of these investment projects.

New apron and modernisation of taxiways E1, E2 and D.

A new apron with an area of 110 000m2 with 15 aircraft stands has been under construction since July 2011. This apron will be able to cater for ten Code C (eg. Airbus 320, Boeing 737) and three Code D (eg. Boeing 757) aircraft or alternatively, seven Code C and five Code D aircraft.  The apron will be fitted with infrastructure allowing for the instalment of CAT II aircraft operations in the future. The introduction of CAT II aircraft operations will allow the airport to accept aircraft when visibility is not less than 350m and cloud cover is no less than 30m. In addition, this investment project also includes the expansion of taxiways E1 and E2 resulting in their being able to be used by Code 4E aircraft (eg. Boeing 747). This section of the investment will result in the construction of 30 000m2 of new airfield surface at Katowice Airport.

Taxiway D will also be adapted for use by Code 4E aircraft. This expansion will add 9 200m2 of new airfield surface. As with apron 1, the expanded taxiways will also allow for the implementation of the CAT II aircraft operations system in the future. The entire project is being realised as part of the EU OPIE 6.3-4 from the indicative list of key projects of the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment for 2007-2013.

Despite the freezing cold snap in January this year, work on the apron extension was able to continue uninterrupted. Since the beginning of the year, the project has seen an emergency tank for jet fuel has been installed. In addition, excavation work was completed and the retention tank was installed. Currently, electrical cable ducting is being installed. Another section of storm-water drains to channel water away from the apron under construction, is being installed. The integrated drain network also includes a stormwater pre-treatment system. The construction of the stormwater drainage network, which upon completion will be over 2.5km in length, is one of the key and crucial activities as part of the expansion of the aprons and aircraft stands. In terms of finance, at over 81 000 000 PLN, this segment of the investment project will involve almost one third of the entire construction budget.

See more photos of the construction of the new apron in the gallery

Expansion of Passenger Terminal A 

Work on the expansion of Passenger Terminal A will see its surface area grow by 1000m2. The building will have a new elevation from the car park side and the entire interior will be modernised. At the moment, the glass-fronted façade and roof are being installed in the new section of the terminal. The terminal's interior is being re-tiled. 60% of all construction work has been completed and the new part of the passenger terminal is set to be completed and opened by May this year.

See more photos of the expansion of Passenger Terminal A in the gallery

New maintenance hangar

With a cubature of 106 350 m3, and a surface area of 7 912 m2, the new hangar will be able to service two Code C (Airbus A320/Boeing 737) aircraft simultaneously.

Finishing work is currently underway at the new maintenance hangar. Ventilation ducting and the drainage system is being installed, as is the installation of the water-misting system. Work on the flooring (textile, PVC and tiling) is currently underway in the office areas of the maintenance hangar. The internal electrical cables and fittings are also being installed in this section of the building.

See more photos of the construction of the new maintenance hangar in the gallery


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