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2011-01-10Cargo at Katowice Airport in 2010

918 tons of air freight was transferred in December 2010 at Katowice Airport in Pyrzowice. This is 17% more than in the analogous time period last year. Cargo airlines transported 11 195 tons of freight to and from Pyrzowice, which is 71% more than in 2009 and in doing so strengthened Katowice Airport's leading position in this sector of air transport of all regional Polish airports. Obtaining such a positive result is the effect of a constantly expanding regular cargo routes (in November last year, Irish airline - Air Contractors - launched a regular connection for FedEx on the Pyrzowice - Paris - Frankfurt - Pyrzowice route) as well as increasing the transport opportunities on existing routes (in September, 2009, Atlantic Airlines, on behalf of DHL, introduced an aircraft with a larger load capacity on the Pyrzowice - Leipzig route). Another factor significantly influencing the development of cargo transport at Katowice Airport is the large client-interest and demand for transport of cargo on the only regular all-cargo transatlantic route from Poland. Every weekend, on behalf of LOT Polish Airlines, a Cargojet Boeing 767-200ER Freighter performs a flight between Hamilton in Canada and Katowice.


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