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2013-01-16Shell Aviation in Pyrzowicach

Shell Poland launches at Katowice Airport. Today marks the launch of Shell Aviation's entry into the growing aviation market in Poland.

Shell Aviation will provide fuel and related services to selected airlines operating from Katowice Airport. Currently, in addition to Shell Aviation, two companies provide fuel for aircraft at Katowice Airport: Petrolot and BGS.

Shell Aviation boasts one of the largest aviation fuel supply networks in the world and is currently the only global petroleum corporation supplying fuel to the Polish aviation market.

The Shell Group is active throughout the entire logistics process in the airline industry. Shell Aviation produces jet fuels and lubricants (various grades), introducing them to the market, sales and distribution, as well as providing refuelling services for their clients.

Shell Aviation has been a leading global supplier of aviation fuels and lubricants for more than 100 years. Supplies fuel to 800 airports in nearly 40 countries, amongst them: JFK airport in New York, Heathrow Airport in London, Chiangi International Airport in Singapore and Hong Kong International Airport. Every 12 seconds somewhere in the world, a plane is refuelled with Shell jet fuel.


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