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2012-08-01European Union subsidies for Katowice Airport

On Tuesday 31 July 2012, the Upper Silesian Aviation Group, which manages Katowice Airport in Pyrzowice, signed a contract with the Centre for EU Transport Projects for the subsidy of the project number PoliS 6.3-4 from the list of individual key projects of the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment 2007-2013 entitled "Airport in Katowice - expansion and modernisation of port and air field infrastructure". The project will be subsidised by 157.22 million PLN, which is approximately 40% of the total cost of the investment - at an estimated total cost of 412 983 473.02 PLN. The Upper Silesian Aviation Group's project was qualified as a large project (total cost more than 50 million Euros), meaning it needed to be verified by the JASPERS Initiative and accepted for subsidies from EU Funds from the Cohesion Fund through the European Comission.

The Upper Silesian Aviation Fund is realising two key activities - expanding aprons and modernising taxiways E1, E2 and D as well as the construction of a new runway with associated infrastructure.

Construction work related with the realisation of the first of these projects was already begun during the summer of 2011. Currently work is at around 40% completion. The finalisation of the entire invesment is planned for the second quarter of 2013 and will include a new apron over 110 000 m2. It will include 10 parking positions for Code C aircraft (eg Airbus 320) and 3 Code D aircraft (Boeing 757), or alternatively 7 parking positions for Code C and 5 Code D aicraft. Taxiways E1 and E2 will be modernised, which will allow it to be utilised by Code 4E aircraft (Boeing 747). This section of the investment will see the construction of 30 000 m2 of new aiport surfaces. Taxiway D will also be adapted to service wide-bodied aircraft. 9 200 m2 of new airport surfaces will be constructed. The new apron as well as the modernised taxiway will be equipped with infrastructure which will allow aircraft operations to be carried out during even worse visibility than is currently available.

The other particularly important activity for the functioning and development of the airport in Pyrzowice is "The construction of the runway and necessary infrastructure". In terms of both construction work, and therefore cost, it is the largest investment project in Katowice Airport's history. The new runway will be 3 200m long and 45 m wide (with 7.5m of shoulders around its perimeter) with the possibility of extending it by 400m in length. Upon completion of the new runway, the existing runway will be turned into a taxiway (this section of the investment project does not fall under EU subsidy. In effect, Katowice Airport will have one runway, RWY 09/27 with CATII precision approach navigational aids (which will allow for landing in worse conditions than is currently available) on the main approach and simplified landing on the auxilliary approach with a runway and taxiway parallel to each other. The Upper Silesian Aviation Group is currently going through the tendering process for the contractor for the construction of the new runway. The realisation of the investment shoukd begin no later than the first quarter of 2013 and will last through to the end of the III quarter of 2014.


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