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2012-10-01Passenger Statistics - September 2012

Katowice Airport handled 277 424 passengers in September, which is 6.8% fewer than in the same month last year. In terms of charter traffic, the airport handled 115 578 passengers, 16.7% fewer than in September last year. However, there was growth on regularly scheduled routes - 160 910 passengers, which is 1.6% more than last year. By far the main reason behind the fall in passenger numbers in the ninth month of the year is the number of travel agents announcing bankruptcy at the beginning and during the charter season. 

The first three quarters of the year saw Katowice Airport handle 2 080 183 passengers. This is over 40 000 more than in the analagoud period in 2011. In these nine months, Katowice Airport noted 5% growth in regular traffic, with 1 374 383 passengers and a 3% drop in the number of passengers travelling from Katowice as part of organised holidays (charters). From the beginning of the year,  Katowice Airport has handled 701 104 holiday-makers.

The Upper Silesian Aviation Group, which manages Katowice Airport, forecasts that 2.6 million passengers will be handled at Katowice Airport this year.


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