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2012-01-25Sky Gallery


Sky Gallery - the sky's the limit with design - furniture and Library for travellers are three ventures that the Academy of Fine Arts (ASP) in Katowice is realising this year at Katowice Airport. The agreement between the rector of ASP in Katowice, Marian Oslislo and the President of the Board of Management of the Upper Silesian Aviation Group, Artur Tomasik.

"Sky Gallery", will be opened in the passenger terminal of Katowice Airport in Pyrzowice. The first exhibition will present furniture designs from the 'out-of-this-world furniture' competition. Prof. Marian Oslislo announced at the official signing ceremony that the competition's winning entry design will be built and its prototype will not only be on display, but passengers will be invited to test the new piece of furniture at the 'Sky Gallery'. The gallery will also display the designs and works of graphic artists and painters from ASP in Katowice. The Gallery will not only promote the School but also the entire Silesian Region.

The second project that ASP in Katowice will realise as part of its agreement with the Upper Silesian Aviation Group will be the Passenger Library. After passing through customs, passengers will be able to spend the last minutes prior to boarding looking through publications regarding Silesian design and the history of material culture in Silesia - on touch-screens and tablets.

The entire project will cost 90 000PLN and will be funded by the Marshall's Office, which is leading the 'Design Silesia' project through which ASP in Katowice is realising the promotion of design as well as introducing it to entrepreneurs, self-governments and academic communities.

"Sky Gallery" and "Passenger Library" will open in autumn 2012.


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