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2015-10-30Major modernisation of Terminal A

A major renovation project of passenger Terminal A will take place from November 2015 until the end of May 2016.

This project will require changes to the organisation of services to non-Schengen countries.  

Baggage check-in will continue to take place in Terminal A. However, passengers will await boarding, and go through security and document checks in Terminal B. Provisions have been made in the departure hall of Terminal B to service flights to both Schengen zone and Non-Schengen countries.

The major overhaul and reconstruction of the passenger terminal A will include the enlargement of the departures hall, to include what has until now been the arrivals hall. In June 2015, all arrivals were transferred to the new passenger terminal, Terminal C. The enlarged Departures area will extend to the first floor of the building, where the restaurant and the 'small' observation deck used to me.

Upon completion, the surface area of the departures hall of Terminal A will quadruple. There will be new stores and eateries, duty-free stores, and there will be a new restaurant on the first floor. There will also be more restroom facilities available.

The security check area will be moved as part of the modernisation of Terminal A, and the number of security  gates will also increase. A glass wall will separate the general access area from the departures hall.

Construction is managed by SKANSKA SA.


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