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2012-12-02Sky Gallery


The Sky Gallery on the observation deck at Katowice Airport was officially opened on Wednesday 26 November 2012. The official awards-presentation for the Sky Furniture competition was held concurrently.

The aim of the 'Sky Furniture' competition was to find alternative solutions for the furniture at the Sky Gallery area at the airport. The gallery is to be a pleasant place in which travellers can relax.

The best furniture designs needed to fit Katowice Airport's space in feel and design. Jurors took the following aspects into consideration: functionality, simplicity and realisation-potential. Twenty-nine designs entered the competition.

Awarded prizes:
I Prize - none
II Prize - Marek Powiecka 
II Prize - Mateusz Wrzosek 
III Prize - Aleksandra Harazin, Anna Pawłowska

The Sky Gallery is a joint initiative of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Design Silesia and Katowice Airport. The Gallery aims to be a pleasant place in which travellers can relax and acquaint themselves with art and design publications, as well as the history if material culture in Silesia. This project means that people waiting for a flight or for the arrival of friends and loved-ones will be able to do so in pleasant surroundings.

Sky Gallery exhibitions will aim to bring all aspects of design - products and graphics, as well as visual communication, closer to the public. More photos here.


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