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2008-06-26Katowice Airport - user-friendly for disabled passengers

Today at Katowice Airport, which is managed by the Upper Silesian Aviation Group, a meeting was held with members of associations representing people with various degrees of disability. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Upper Silesian Aviation Group, the Customs Office, Border Control, Handling Agents, as well as Stefania Gowda - representing the President of Katowice for Disabled Affairs, the President of "Start"- the Silesian Association of Sport and Rehabilitation of the Disabled, Henryk Pięta, Mirosław Koterwas - lecturer at the School for the Deaf and the Hearing Impaired, Łukasz Zembal - Member of the Board for the Polish Association of the Deaf, who is also an sign language court expert witness and lecturers from the School for the Deaf and the Hearing Impaired, Dorota Bąk and Kornel Chmiel.

Katowice Airport is one of the first airports in Poland to address the issues and infrastructure associated with facilities for disabled passengers at the airport. One of the key elements in relation to these issues has been the training of staff in terms of aiding and facilitating the movement of disabled passengers, as well as passengers of limited mobility. Additionally, the Upper Silesian Aviation Group is in the process of implementing its system of notification of disabled passengers arriving at the airport.


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