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2004-09-27Press information

When, at the beginning of 1991, the Upper Silesian Aviation Group was founded (registered in court on 06.03) not more than one thousand passengers a year were checked in at the airport in Pyrzowice. Now, there are twice as many of them during one day.The area of the then terminal, incorporated in the present body of the airport, was only 550 sq. m. The area of the new passenger terminal, commissioned in August 2004, is more than 3.5 thousand sq. m.; whereas, the total area of the facilities, built since 1993, i.e. since GTL took over the administration of the airport, is nearly 8 thousand square metres. Further expansion of the airport is planned so as to keep up with the unusually fast transformations. A Chinese saying goes that when the wind of change blows it is better to build windmills than walls. The futuristic assumption developed a few years ago by one of the most prestigious world companies, British Aerospace, that by 2010 the airport in Katowice would serve more than a million passengers a year, has come true. For many years the airport in Pyrzowice was better known as Mierzęcice.It was the time of the so-called co-use of the runway with the army. At that time the right of way was for MiG-21 fighters. One of them, in memory of the past, at present fancifully painted by young people, is standing in front of the terminal. Since 1993, the airport in Pyrzowice has gone through a few stages of development. In August 2004 the third of the so-called airport development milestones was accomplished. At present, in one hour, up to 600 passengers may be checked in with the observance of the strictest security requirements. The terminal is able to serve more than 1,600,000 travellers in a year. The apron has been enlarged three times. Today, it can handle 12 AIRBUS A 320 passenger planes with the seating capacity of 180 and one Boeing 747 (Jumbo Jet) at a single time.The 2380 m long runway has been extended to 2800 m. Further extension up to 3600 m is planned. The car parks can handle approximately one thousand passenger cars at a single time. MPL Katowice is one of the few airports in Europe where such a project can be completed with regard to the fact that the legal status of the land in which it is situated has been settled. Precise assumptions of the so-called General Plan allow free investments and development of the airport for many years, without any detriment to the local inhabitants.


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