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2008-03-28"Fly to Katowice!"

Katowice Airport introduced and launched the Airport's newest marketing campaign "Fly to Katowice!" at a press conference held today, at the Silesian Voivodeship Office by Artur Tomasik, President of the Management Board of the Upper Silesian Aviation Group, under whose management is Katowice International Airport. This programme is twin to the hugely successful "Fly from Katowice!" programme (now on its 7th annual edition). The "Fly to Katowice!" programme is aimed towards passengers flying in to the airport in Pyrzowice and its main purpose is to stimulate arrivals to Katowice Airport and the Silesian Region. The programme partners offer passengers alighting in Katowice discounts on eg. hotel room rates or car hire. Discounts are obtained upon the presentation of special vouchers which are available for printing on the programme's website . The vouchers are only valid with documentation proving the holder's arrival to Katowice International Airport - a ticket, or in the case of e-tickets, a printout of the passenger's reservation. The programme's website provides details regarding interesting places to visit in the Silesian Region as well as important cultural and sporting events on offer. The website also aims to function as an intermediary between passengers arriving to Katowice Airport and companies in the Silesian Region offering services of interest to tourists.

The current partners of the programme are: The Diament Hotels, GTL-SERVICE, GTL-SERVICE Armada Rent a Car; and is under the patronage of the Silesian Marshal's Office, the Silesian Tourism Organisation, the Katowice City Council and the Silesian Branch of the Polish Tourism Board.


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