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2006-08-11Stricter procedures related to passenger control

The Civil Aviation Authority has announced new safety measures that apply to passengers travelling to the UK. All passengers travelling to that country will have to comply with the new procedures that are obligatory in Polish airports:

All passengers checking in will have to undergo manual inspection. No cabin luggage may be taken on board. Passengers may only take the following items on board:

  • wallets with the standard contents, necessary documents such as ID, driving licence and credit cards;
  • necessary travel documents (tickets, visas, passports, booking confirmation etc.); 
  • keys, but without electronic elements (e.g. button for remote door locking);
  • medicine needed during the flight (e.g. insulin or moisturising eye drops, after checking whether they are really necessary (e.g. according to a medical certificate confirming that the passenger is taking the medicine) and ensuring that the contents are not dangerous (in case of doubt, ask airport doctor). Liquid medicine is only allowed once its authenticity has been verified by a doctor; 
  • spectacles and sunglasses; 
  • contact lens cases;
  • personal hygiene items, but in opened boxes (tissues, wet tissues, tampons, sanitary towels) and handkerchiefs; 
  • items needed for small children - food, milk bottles (persons carrying them must drink from the bottle to confirm that the liquid is harmless), nappies, tissues, towels, cream and baby powder needed to change the baby (contents need to be checked).

The items mentioned above may only be taken on board in plastic, transparent bags provided by the airport.
All electronic devices may be transported in registered luggage.

In the light of these changes, Wizz Air airline operating flights to the UK from Katowice airport has INCREASED the allowed weight of checked-in luggage from 20 to 30 kilograms.

Currently all flights from Katowice operate as scheduled. However, it is recommended that you contact your airline to confirm this information.


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