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Silesia Airport
Issue 59


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Safety Policy

The primary objective of the Upper Silesian Aviation Group, as management of Katowice Airport, is the development of our Port and providing a high standard of service.

This is achieved through the development of infrastructure, the involvement of qualified staff and the use of modern technology while preserving the overarching principle of which is to provide the highest possible level of safety, consistent with national and international standards.

We are committed to the continuous improvement of security.

The Airport’s community is committed complying with and improving safety standards. Airport staff, users and contractors support the implementation and development of security policy at Katowice Airport.

The Board, management team and all employees are responsible for performing security tasks and for ensuring that all applicable safety standards are respected and applied. The safety of air operations is of equal importance as the Group’s business interests, and are a primary strategic objective.

In accordance with current laws, all aviation events which may influence or compromise the safety of a flight, and their circumstances, must be reported within a certain time frame. We encourage all users and visitors to report other matters related to security. The purpose of reporting security and internal investigations, is to improve safety.

In order keepsafety risksat a minimum acceptable level with increasing activity levelsKatowice Airport employs:

  • The application of risk management methods based on research, experience and best practices.
  • The maintenance of relevant structural organisational policies, assigning duties, powers, and responsibilities in the field of safety at every level of the organization, with full involvement of the Board with regards to safety management.
  • A corporate culture of safetytaking into account safe practices encouraging communication with regards to security issues and active safety management, devoting the same attention, as in the case of financial management.
  • An effective implementation of standard operating procedures, including the use of checklists and providing instructions and information.
  • The conducting of effectivecorrective actionsin order to eliminate or reduce hazards and minimize risk.
  • The undertaking of new initiatives contributing to increases in the level of security.
  • The implementation of a just culture in order to encourage the effective reporting of incidents and threats.
  • A system of collecting, analysing and sharing data related to safety, stemming from operating activities.
  • The competent investigation of accidents, events and incidents, the identification of systemic safety deficiencies (instead of focusing on blame for the results of such shortcomings);the integration of safety training (including human factors) for operational staff and providing motivation, competence and safety awareness for all employees; the sharing of experience gained in the field of security and best practices through the active exchange of safety information with other organisations.
  • The ensuring of an appropriate level of security awareness and surveillance of external entities providing services at Katowice Airport.
  • The systematic supervision and monitoring of safety activities in order to assess the implementation of safety objectives or eliminating emerging problem areas.

Behaviours intentionally detrimental to safety and grossly negligent actions (in which the result of the behaviour could be predicted), will not be tolerated.

Consequences should not be drawn, if wrong behaviours and decisions are the result of a lack of training or lack of experience or, in the case of voluntary disclosure, however, each case will be evaluated individually.

Katowice Airport’s Security Policy will be updated in accordance to the results of actions undertaken and current trends in the field of civil aviation security.

As Katowice Airport’s management, GTL SA exercises due diligence and commitment to ensure necessary resources to ensure the highest possible level of security at Katowice Airport for the benefit of our customers and partners.


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