Drones and lasers

Terms and conditions for obtaining permission to operate unmanned aircraft in the controlled area of Katowice-Pyrzowice Airport (EPKT), as well as operating helium-filled balloons, lanterns, fireworks, lasers in the vicinity of the airport


For safety reasons, unmanned aircraft flights must take place outside the controlled area (CTR) of Katowice-Pyrzowice Airport (EPKT). 

Unmanned aircraft with a mass of equipment (MTOM) not exceeding 25 kg used only in operations within the operator's viewing range (VLOS) in the controlled airspace (CTR) are permitted only following prior notification and approval from the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA). 

Flights performed beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) in the area of ​​the controlled aerodrome shall be required to obtain the consent of PANSA in advance to book the airspace. 

All flights of unmanned aircraft above the airport’s area require additional approval from the airport manager. 

Applications should be made at least 3 business days prior to the planned flight in order to determine the possibilities and conditions of flight operations.
Application forms are available on the website www.pansa.pl under the "Drones" tab.

After obtaining approval from the PANSA (ASM-1), before the flight operators should contact the aerodrome control tower: EPKT TWR +48 32 392 78 61; +48 32 284 55 40. There is no obligation to report flights for recreational purposes and Within Visual Line of Sight:

  • over 1 km from the airport border (airport fence) unmanned aircraft with a take-off mass of up to 0.6kg and up to a height of 30m or up to the highest obstacle, including trees or building objects within a radius of up to 100m from the operator.
  • over 6 km from the airport border (airport fence) unmanned aircraft with a take-off weight up to 25kg and up to a height not exceeding 100m above  ground level.

pdf The attached electronic version of the map illustrates these zones Download .

The Polish Air Navigation Services Agency as the airspace manager and the Civil Aviation Office officially recognise and recommend the DroneRadar application for drone operators in Poland. 

The DroneRadar application is an easy-to-use, versatile and easily accessible tool for airspace orientation. A mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android) with Internet access is required to use this application. 

Drone operators are encouraged to become familiar with the application’s functions and use it during flight planning. This increases the safety of not only the operation of drones but also the safety of all air traffic. 

NOTE: The DroneRadar application does not exempt you from obtaining approvals for flights from managers of individual zones, including approvals for flights in CTR zones (application form required). All data in DroneRadar is for information purposes only and may only be used as an additional material for the purpose of flight planning. The application is available on the website droneradar.eu

The basic regulations for the use of unmanned aircraft, described in an accessible way, are posted on the website www.latajzglowa.pl and www.pansa.pl


In accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure and Development on the use of a laser or light from other sources in airspace zones dated 20.10.2015 par. 2 para. 3, on the website of the Civil Aviation Office (Online maps) there is a map indicating zones in which the permission of the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency to perform fireworks, lasers, sending balloons or lanterns is required:

www.ulc.gov.pl or
caa-pl.maps.arcgis.com or

In order to improve the organisation of the shows it is worth checking this map to see whether the planned area of ​​the show is in the zone where the emission of lasers and other lights is subject to restrictions. If the location is outside such zone - then the consent from the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency is not required and there is no need to complete the application.


The required forms are available on the PANSA website under the tab Fireworks, balloons, lasers.

The forms should be sent prior to the planned date of the project to:

  • fax: +48 22 574 57 69, +48 22 574 57 13
  • for fireworks, lasers, balloons and lanterns, mail: asm1@pansa.pl
  • for unmanned aircraft, email: drony@pansa.pl
  • or mail to the following address:
    Polish Air Navigation Services Agency
    Strategic Planning Center
    ul. Wieżowa 8
    02-147 Warszawa

Additional information can be obtained at the PANSA Strategic Planning Center:

PANSA, based on the data included in the form, will publish a navigational warning in the form of NOTAM and will answer each person in writing with instructions regarding their duties, eg the need to obtain direct telephone permission to start the show or to release balloons / lanterns from the airport air traffic controller, near to the place where the ceremony is to be held.
The application for permission to operate unmanned aircraft over the area of ​​Katowice-Pyrzowice airport (EPKT) should be directed to the Port Operative Director (24h/7):

+48 32 392 72 62
+48 602 746 066

docx Drones registration form Download


At the same time, we would like to remind you that according to art. 211 par. 1 lit. A and paragraph 12 of the Aviation Act, ignoring the above regulations is punishable by a fine, restriction, or imprisonment.
The event organizer will also be held responsible for failing to adhere to the regulations stated above.

Additional information can also be obtained from the website of the Civil Aviation Office: