Drones and lasers

Terms and conditions for obtaining permission to fly unmanned aircraft, organize shows with lights (lasers, fireworks) or helium-filled balloons and lanterns in the vicinity of Katowice-Pyrzowice Airport (EPKT)


For safety reasons, unmanned aerial vehicle flights (drones, flying models) are limited in certain areas of the airport’s airspace:

  • Flights over the airport area, notwithstanding the kind and type of unmanned aerial vehicle, require approval from Górnośląskie Towarzystwo Lotnicze SA (GTL SA) as the airport manager.
  • Flights performed over the airport area and its vicinity require approval from the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA). PANSA does not permit flights over the airport area if GTL SA’s approval is not presented beforehand.

On the dronemap.pansa.pl website, PANSA has published a map of geographical zones which, in accordance with the Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/947/EU and Guidelines No. 17/2023 of the President of the Civil Aviation Authority, apply to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. In addition to presenting the zones, the map displays information about the conditions that must be met in the selected location in order to fly the drone.

The map is informative and does not release the user from the obligation to familiarize himself with all available NOTAM/AUP/UUP messages. It is the responsibility of the UAV pilot to familiarize himself with the current limitations.

The rules for using the DroneMap application can be found in the User Manual available on the left side of the menu and on the website

Unmanned aerial vehicle flights over the airport area and its vicinity are performed as part of the Pansa UTM system and with application checkin.pansa.pl.

In order to receive PANSA’s approval for flights over the airport or in its vicinity, one must create an account on utm.pansa.pl/#/login, checkin.pansa.pl and proceed in accordance with the provided information.

For flights performed over the airport, the UAV operator is obliged to ensure two-way communication between the flight operator and the TWR controller using TETRA ground communication.

In order to obtain a permit from GTL SA (the manager of the airport), the following form allowing to perform a UAV flight must be downloaded.

docx Form to download Download

A filled-in and signed form must be sent to the Airport Operations Duty officer:

Additional information can be obtained by calling the following phone numbers:
+48 602 046 066
+48 32 39 27 262
Information regarding terms and conditions of performing unmanned aerial vehicle flights are available on the websites of the Civil Aviation Authority www.ulc.gov.pl/pl/drony and the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency www.pansa.pl/u-space.


It is forbidden to emit, or cause emissions, in zones of the airspace used for air navigation, laser beams or light from other sources to the aircraft in a manner that may cause glare, dazzle or afterglow and may endanger the safety of the aircraft or the life or health of the crew or passengers on board.

In order to organize shows with lights in the vicinity of the airport, it is necessary to make sure that the planned area of the show is within the area where emission of lasers or other lights is restricted and requires a respective permission from the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA). Map defining reach of the area for the airport is available in AIP Poland ENR 5.3.2 and on the websites of the Civil Aviation Authority (Online maps) and PANSA:

In case of helium-filled balloons and lanterns, PANSA’s permission is required in the event when the release place is within 18 500 m (10 NM) from the airport reference point (ARP). The reach of the area has been illustrated on the map available in AIP Poland ENR 5.3.2. and on PANSA’s website:

Area for fireworks

Airspace in the direct vicinity of the airport within 9 250 m (5 NM) from the airport reference point. A map which illustrates the range of the area where organizaiton of shows with fireworks is restricted is available in AIP Poland ENR 5.3.2. and on PANSA’s website:
In the event that PANSA’s permission is required, one must fill in an application form available on PANSA’s website under the Ośrodek Planowania Strategicznego (Strategic Planning Center) ASM1 tab: www.pansa.pl/asm1
Filled-in form must be sent to asm1@pansa.pl (preferred option) or faxed to +48 22 574 57 13 or +48 22 574 57 69.
On the basis of data included in the form, PANSA will publish a navigation warning in the form of a NOTAM, and reply in writing to every applicant, warning him or her about his or her duties, e.g. the necessity to obtain a direct telephone permission from the air traffic controller at Katowice Airport in order to begin the show or release balloons/lanterns. If the localization of the show is outside the defined areas, the request is not needed.
Additional information can be obtained by calling the Ośrodek Planowania Strategicznego (Strategic Planning Center) ASM1 at PANSA:
+48 22 574 67 11
+48 22 574 57 24
+48 22 574 57 25


We also remind you that, under Art. 210-212 of the Aviation Law, ignoring the above conditions may result in a fine, restriction of liberty, or imprisonment.

The above responsibility is also borne by the organizer of the show who contributes towards the events described above.