On October 29, 2019 (Tuesday), Ryanair officially opened an operational base at Katowice Airport; at first, it will consist of two Boeing 737-800NG which can carry 189 passengers. Simultaneously with the opening of the base, the carrier introduced a record-breaking number of new regular routes at Katowice Airport: 12. Beginning with the "Winter 2019/20" schedule, planes belonging to the Irish airline will allow passengers to travel to: Cork, Manchester, Oslo-Torp, Göteborg, Cologne-Bonn, Dortmund, Bologne, Brindisi, Catania, Paphos, Kyiv-Zhuliany, and Odessa. In addition to new routes, the carrier will also offer destinations which were available at Katowice Airport at some point in the past, namely: Athens, Birmingham, Dubling, Edinburgh, London-Stansted, Milan-Bergamo. Ryanair's "Winter 2019/20" schedule at Katowice Airport consists of a record-breaking number of routes: 18.