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2008-11-07New ILS at Katowice Airport

The new Instrument Landing System (ILS) is up and running at Katowice Airport in Pyrzowice. The THALES 420 system is particularly beneficial in episodes of restricted visibility. It is a category I system, thus able to direct an aircraft from when it first comes into range, through to a decision height of 60m (200ft) parallel to the runway, with a runway visual range (RVR) of 800m (2400ft). Currently, it is the most up to date system functioning at any airport in Poland. The investment, covered by the Polish Air Navigation Services Industry, amounted to 3mln PLN.

Listed below are the technical specifications of the ILS system at Katowice Airport:
Reception range of the landing direction (coverage) of the ILS - 30 NM
The system is comprised of two independent sub-systems:

  • Localizer (LLZ): Type and parameters: THALES 421; carrier frequency range 109.90 MHz, 2 W power output. 
  • Glide Path (GP): Type and parameters: THALES 422; frequency range 333.80 MHz, power output 2 W,
  • Additionally, the ILS is also supported by distance measuring equipment (DME) in the form of a transponder-based radio navigation system. Type and parameters: THALES 415; frequency 997 MHz, power output 100W.


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