We’d like to invite you take a look at the Fast Track services located on the 1st floor of Terminal B, designed to streamline security checks and ensure the highest quality of comfot prior to your flight.

Using Fast Track will mean you will avoid waiting in long queues and so will have more time to relax prior to your flight.

Only applicable for departures to Schengen Zone countries, on the first floor in Terminal B.

Unlimited free use of Business Lounge services for Star Alliance members: Business class, HON status, GOLD status.

Katowice Airport Business Lounge participating partners: Priority Pass, Diners Club International, Dragon Pass, City Handlowy („Korzyści i Przywileje” card). Terms and conditions of Business Lounge and Fast Track services as per the terms and conditions pertaining to programme partners.

Single entry for the use of the Fast Track is 50 PLN incl. VAT. Payment is accepted in cash or credit card and can be paid upon arrival at the Business Lounge reception or online.

If you pay for two services (Business Lounge and Fast Track) at the same time, you will only pay 125 PLN incl. VAT.

If you have any questions regarding the Fast Track service and for all bookings, please call or contact:
+48 32 76 31 343


Joanna Miśta
Business Service & GA Department Manager
+48 660 733 566


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