Car Park 2

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Unguarded car park

On the airport premises there are twenty-four hour car parks for cars and buses.

Phone number: +48 32 39 27 469

This parking is predominantly for the use of passengers who are planning to leave their vehicles for 48 hours or more.

Car park 2 does not participate in the programme Fly from Katowice!

download unsecured car park terms and conditions

The charge list enter into force on 01.01.2017

The charge list

Time Price
Up to 1 hr. 6
Up to 2 hrs. 12
Up to 3 hrs. 18
From 3 to 9 hrs. (per each additional hour, or part thereof) 2
First day 40
2 days 60
3-7 days 69
Each additional day, or part thereof (from 8th to 13th day) 3
2 weeks 89
Each additional day, or part thereof (over 14 days) 6
Disabled up to 30 min. Free of charge
Loss or failure to collect parking ticket at entry from the ticket machine 250
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