In response to the suspension or restriction of flights caused by regulations meant to prevent the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, Ryanair and Wizz Air have presented their respective decisions about the possibility of receiving a refund or introducing changes to reservations.

Ryanair decided that holders of tickets for flights scheduled to take place in March or April have the right to change not only the date, but also the destination of the flight, without any additional costs. The free procedure applies only to the initial flight, meaning that after accepting the new date and/or destination, consequential changes will be charged accordingly to the carrier's tariff.

Ryanair additionally decided that if the ticket price for the new destination is higher than the amount paid for the original ticket, the passenger is obliged to pay the difference. Furthermore, the carrier underlined that the date of the reserved flight cannot be changed for one in April. On the possibility of cancelling a ticket and receiving a refund, Ryanair stated that such an option is reserved only for those passengers whose flights have been cancelled. The airline informs its passengers about cancelled flights via text (SMS) and electronic messages (email).

We kindly invite all passengers who wish to change their reservations or demand a refund to visit Ryanair's official website.

Due to the suspension of domestic and international flights, Wizz Air announced that passengers affected by the situation have the right to demand a free and full refund for cancelled flights. The Hungarian carrier updates its passengers about cancelled flights via text (SMS) and electronic messages (email). Furthermore, passengers receive a special website link, which allows to pick one of three means of compensation for people whose Wizz Air flights have been cancelled, i.e.:

  • Re-book for a different flight operated by Wizz Air on the same or – if necessary – on acomparable route, at the earliest opportunity (caution: if the date/destination will not satisfy the customer, Wizz Air suggests to request a refund and buy a new ticket)
  • 120% of the ticket fee paid to the Wizz Air customer account; the sum will be accessible for 24 months.
  • Full refund (caution: Wizz Air underlines that procedure may take longer than usual due to the current geopolitical situation)

More information available on Wizz Air's official website