Duty-free limits

The following limits on tax and duty free goods permitted to be carried in a passenger’s personal luggage are applicable from the 1st December, 2008.

Goods imported up to a value of 430 EUR, carried in the personal luggage of persons travelling by air from a third country onto Polish territory are VAT exempt (and consequently, exempt from import duties).

Essential medicines required by the passenger, quantities of tobacco and tobacco products as well as liquor are excluded from the aforementioned limits and are subject to the following norms.

In terms of tobacco products and liquor, the following duty free quantities are permitted:

  1. Tobacco products, provided they are carried by a passenger who is aged 17 years or over:
    • cigarettes – 200 or
    • cigarillos (cigars weighing no more than 3g each) – 100, or
    • cigars – 50, or
    • smoking tobacco – 250 g,
    It is possible to ‘mix and match’ tobacco products provided the total percentage amount of each individual product does not exceed 100%.
  2. Liquor, carried by persons aged 17 years or over is subject to the following limits:
    • 1 litre of spirits or strong liqueurs over 22% volume or ethanol 80% volume or over – 1 litre, or
    • Liquor and alcoholic beverages no more than 22% volume – 2 litres, and
    • Still wines – 4 litres, and
    • Beer – 16 litres.
    It is possible to ‘mix and match’ within the liquor category, provided you do not exceed your total limit.


  • Departing passengers must go through either: "NOTHING TO DECLARE" desks, marked in green, or "GOODS OR CURRENCY TO DECLARE" desks, marked in red.
  • "NOTHING TO DECLARE" desks and marked in green are for travellers in possession of items for personal use only, goods and items which are not intended for economic activity or have any economic properties, as well as domestic and/or foreign currency not exceeding the equivalent of 10 000 Euros in total.
  • "GOODS OR CURRENCY TO DECLARE" , marked in red, are for passengers in possession of foreign and/or domestic currency in an amount exceeding 10 000 Euros, or goods intended for economic activity or with economic properties, or goods which are subject to export restrictions such as items manufactured before 1945.
    • In case of any doubt regarding customs and foreign currency regulations, please visit the CUSTOMS INFORMATION +48 801 470 477


Passengers may use the green-marked passage "NOTHING TO DECLARE", if the goods they bring in do not exceed customs allowances for travellers.

  • All goods exceeding the customs allowance must be declared before leaving the customs clearance hall at the "GOODS TO DECLARE" desk in the red passage.
  • Bringing into the country foreign currency and/or domestic currency in a total amount exceeding the equivalent of 10 000 Euros requires a written declaration. In red passages marked "GOODS TO DECLARE" there are desks for the confirmation of foreign and domestic currency brought in.
  • The import of narcotics, items which are forbidden for moral or environmental protection reasons, hazardous for people, animals or plants or which hinder security or public order are prohibited!

Any infringement of customs or foreign currency regulations will incur criminal and treasury liabilities.

All information given above is of general nature only. For detailed information, please refer to the respective Acts of Law published in the Journals of Law (Dzienniki Ustaw) and Polish Articles of Law (Monitory Polskie) to be consulted by each traveller who will cross the Polish border.

Duty free shops

At Katowice Airport in Pyrzowice, duty-free stores operate in the departure hall of Terminal A and B, offering passengers travelling internationally and leaving the territory of the Republic of Poland, the opportunity to purchase goods not covered by customs.

The Export of Currency

There is no limit to the amount of currency you can bring in or out of Poland. However, for those who prefer paying in cash and have an aversion to credit cards, should be aware of the fact that visitors are required by law to declare amounts of 10 000 Euro or more (or equivalent in other currencies) in writing to the customs department or Border Security officers.

Travellers, both residing in Poland and abroad, are permitted to export currency over the value of 10 000 Euro on the provision that proof of withdrawal from a bank account is produced. In addition, money previously imported into Poland and declared in writing may be exported. Documentation regarding the export of currency should be willingly produced to customs authorities or Border Security officers.

The export of currency is permitted on the following basis:

  • Certification issued by the bank,
  • Written notification, issued by customs authorities or Border Security officers, attesting the money having been imported into the country.

Note: These regulations apply only to tourist traffic as payments related to trade transactions must be transmitted through the banking system.

Information concerning import bans regarding the carriage of food of animal origin by travellers in personal luggage

Due to the risk of the introduction of disease into the European Union, strict procedures have been established regarding the introduction of certain animal products into the EU. These procedures do not apply to the carriage of products of animal origin between 28 EU Member States or for products originating in Andorra, Liechtenstein, Norway, San Marino and Switzerland.

It is prohibited to import, in personal luggage for personal consumption, into the European Union:

  • meat and meat products (meat, meat products, animal fat, sausages, tinned meat, dough stuffed with meat or containing meat, pasta (if it contains meat or milk), sauces, soups, etc.,
  • milk and milk products (milk, yoghurt, cream, cottage cheese, kefir, cheese, butter, condensed milk, ice cream, etc.,
  • pet food containing meat or milk (pet food, chew toys).

A detailed list of prohibited goods and exemptions is contained in Annexes I and II to Commission Regulation (EC) No 206/2009.

Failure to declare such products may result in a fine or criminal prosecution.

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