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2013-10-1710 millionth Wizz Air passenger to/from Katowice Airport


Wizz Air, the largest low-cost carrier in Central-Eastern Europe, is today celebrating transporting its 10-millionth passenger travelling to/from Katowice.

Ms Katarzyna Kukla from Opole flew in to Silesia's capital this morning from Dortmund, for a friend's wedding.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, the passenger received gifts that will most definitely make her future travels more pleasant: Return tickets for two people to any city in Wizz Air's network, a voucher for the Business Lounge and Fast Track service at Katowice Airport, as well as an invitation for a meal at Hotel Szafran, which is part of the "Fly Silesia" programme.

Wizz Air's spokesperson, Daniel de Carvalho, said: "We'd like to thank all ten million passengers, who have travelled to and from Katowice Airport, with us. We are delighted that they continue to choose Wizz Air's offer, an offer that guarantees a high level of quality, great prices and fantastic customer services. Today, ambassador of the Wizz Air brand, Agnieszka Mośka, together with the team at Katowice Airport had the pleasure of inviting Ms Katarzyna, our 10-millionth passenger to a free return flight with Wizz Air. We are delighted to be celebrating the growth of our airline in Poland, as well as the growth in passenger numbers and the fact that we can offer them such great prices. In the near future we're planning to launch new routes from Katowice Airport, so it's worth already checking the website to hunt down the best prices and go on a fantastic trip with Wizz Air".

"This was a fantastic surprise for me, particularly that this was my first flight with Wizz Air and I still can't beliee I won free tickets, and gifts from Katowice Airport and Hotel Szafran in Czeladź. I'd like to thank Wizz Air very very much" -Ms Katarzyna Kukla.

"As we say in Poland, with a good start we're half way to success. It's obvious that Wizz Air's bosses were very well aware of this expression when they launched their activities at Katowice Airport. As the years have shown, it was a great decision for both sides. Today Wizz Air flies wherever it wants. We'd like to congratulate the airline its 10-millionth passenger at Katowice Airport - after just 9 years of activities. Our co-operation is marked by mutual good will and kindness, which is rare in business. I'm sure we'll be celebrating the next 10 million passengers much sooner" - Cezary Orzech, spokesperson of the Upper Silesian Aviation Group, which manages Katowice Airport.

Wizz Air offers low-cost flights to 26 international destinations from Katowice Airport. In all, the airline supports 85 routes from seven Polish airports. Wizz Air continues to develop its network from Poland. New routes are regularly launched from Silesia. In the past months, routes to destinations such as Kutaisi (Georgia), Naples (Italy) and Lanarca (Cyprus) have taken off from Katowice Airport.

Wizz Air is planning to launch connections to Tel Aviv and Grenoble from Katowice Airport, in the near future. With over 10 million passengers traveling to and from Katowice Airport, Wizz Air wants to heed the needs of passengers on the look out for cheap tickets and a high level of service.


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