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2011-03-02Statistics - February 2011

Egypt's political crisis had an impact on travel agents and air carriers - particularly charter airlines. At the moment, the market is slowly rebuilding, but the riots in Egypt significantly influenced the fall in passenger numbers from Katowice Airport. After a phenomenal month in January, when charter-passenger volume was 115% higher than in the previous year, February 2011 saw 116 823 passengers use the airport - 10% fewer than in the corresponding time period last year.

In the charter sector, the airport in Pyrzowice is leader amongst all Polish regional airports. Owing to the revolution in Egypt, 35 charter flights were cancelled. This translates to approximately 10 000 passengers not having flown out of Pyrzowice.

Travel agents have reacted quickly to the tense situation, and have brought forward flights to selected destinations. The first flight to Antalya in Turkey took place on 19 February - earlier than last season. Flights to Tunisia will begin already on 11 March and on 4 March, to Morocco. In addition, February and March, the frequency of flights to Fuerteventura will increase from one to two flights per week. One of the new additions to this season's holiday offer from Pyrzowice is the Mediterranean island of Cyprus (first flight - 5 March). Towards the end of February, several charter flights took off to Egypt and records show that every flight is departing more full than the previous one.

Despite the temporary fall in traffic, forecasts regarding passenger volume have not materialised. It is forecast that in 2011, Katowice Airport in Pyrzowice will be used by approximately 800 000 passengers in the charter sector - 100 000 more than in the previous year.


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