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2017-08-01Passenger Statistics - July 2017

July 2017 heralded the best results of any month in Katowice Airport's history, in terms of the numer of passengers handled. For the first time in history, over half a million travellers used Katowice Airport's network within one calendar month.

Katowice Airport ended the seventh month of the year with a record-breaking overall result of 539 027 passengers, which is 103 844 more (+23.9%) than in the same month in the previous year.

July this year, Katowice Airport confirmed its dominant position among Poland's regional airports in terms of charter services. 293 040 holidaymakers travelled to and from Katowice Airport on package holidays this July. This is 71 014 (+32%) more than the previous July.

Katowice Airport also recorded significant growth in the segment of regularly-scheduled services, handling 245 492 passengers. This translates to 33 197 more (+15.6%) than in the same time period last year. It's worth highlighting that the results for both regular and charter services are the best results of any single month in Katowice Airport's history.

In addition, with 19 391 passengers, 21st July broke all existing records at Katowice Airpot, for the most passengers handled on any one day.

Since the beginning of the year, Katowice Airport has handled 2 104 000 passengers, which is 336 055 (+19%) more than in the corresponding January-July (end) the previous year. In the first seven months, the Airport has handled 1 357 809 passengers in regular services. This is 146 402 more (+12%). In terms of charter services,  Katowice Airport has handled 740 248 passengers overall, which is 189 533 more (+34%) than in the same time period a year earlier.


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