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2011-04-29Agreement signed with Contract Engineer

One of the most important responsibilities that Construction Law places on investors is the organisation of the construction process and respecting of occupational health and safety regulations. This includes providing professional supervision over the investment. The Upper Silesian Aviation Group, which manages Katowice Airport in Pyrzowice has decided that the company in charge of construction will be ILF Consulting Engineers Polska sp. z o.o., based in Warsaw.

Currently Katowice Airport in Pyrzowice is realising the largest expansion in terms of infrastructure in the airport's history. Mid-April this year saw the ending of the first stage of investments - the opening of the modernised maintenance hangar and the Group has embarked on the second stage of investments - of which the largest component is the expansion of Apron PPS-1 and the modernisation of taxiways E1, E2 and D.

The agreement with ILF Consulting Engineers Polska sp. z o.o. was signed on 28 April 2011. ILF Consulting Engineers Polska will be fulfilling the responsibilities of Contractual Engineer in construction work regarding the expansion of Apron PPS-1 and modernisation of taxiways E1,E2 and D as well as future projects involving the construction of the new runway and conversion of the existing runway into a taxiway.

The responsibilities of Contract Engineer will include, first and foremost, the realisation of the tasks of the investor and to fulfil the complex supervision of the investment project, in accordance with construction law.

The services of the Engineer began in May, with the planned start of the expansion of Apron PPS-1 by Max Bogl Polska sp. z o.o. The signing of the agreement is the next step in the realisation of the European Union project as part of the Operational Programme, Environment and Infrastructure 2007-2013 (TEN-T) regarding the expansion of line infrastructure at Katowice Airport. Overall, the entire Project is worth over 330 mln PLN.


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