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2009-10-05New airport fire-rescue vehicles

The Katowice Airport Fire and Rescue Team at Katowice Airport in Pyrzowice is now in the possession of two new Rosenbauer Panther airport fire-rescue vehicles. One of these Austrian-made vehicles is a 4x4. It has a maximum load capacity of 25 tonnes. This fire truck is able to carry up to 6 200 litres of water and with a 750 litre foam-concentrate tank. The second of the two purchased vehicles is a 6x6 with a maximum load capacity of 36 tonnes. It has a 12 500 litre water tank as well as a 1 600 litre foam-concentrate tank. This vehicle is also equipped with a 17m-long arm with water-foam-powder extinguisher as well as a punch tool allowing fire and rescue teams to break into the aircraft thus allowing extinguishing agents to be applied to the inside of the body of the aircraft. Both vehicles are also equipped with 250kg dry-chemical extinguishing tanks. They both have 705 horse-power engines allowing the vehicles to travel at speeds up to 130km/hr. Photos of the two new vehicles are available in the photo gallery.


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