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2006-08-30Loosened safety procedures

On 30 August, the Civil Aviation Office loosened the regulations concerning passenger and cabin luggage check-in for flights to the USA, Canada, Israel and the UK.

Passengers are allowed to carry only ONE item of cabin luggage (bag, parcel, package), whose dimensions do not exceed 45 cm in length, 35 cm in width and 16 cm in depth.

Cabin luggage must not contain any liquids, gels or aerosols, including toothpaste, cream, shampoo, varnish, conditioners, self-tan lotions, canned drinks, perfume, deodorants etc. as well as any items soaked with liquid substances (by the manufacturer or by the user) or containers with liquid or gas under pressure.

The following types of computers must not be carried in cabin luggage:

  • desktop computers, 
  • portable computers which cannot be turned on at the safety control point.

The following can be taken on board:

  1. Milk and other liquid food for small children (especially babies) - in small containers. 
  2. Liquid or gel medicine which the traveller may need during the flight according to medical recommendations, once this necessity has been verified (e.g. according to a personal certificate or other personal document issued by a doctor that confirms the passenger is taking the medicine) and after the authenticity of the medicine has been verified; in this case there is no limit as to the volume of the container. 
  3. Generally available drugs and medications which the traveller may need during the flight (including drugs based on saline solutions), eye drops and contact lens solution), after their authenticity has been verified; the volume of each individual container may not exceed 120 ml (4 oz.). 
  4. Drinks for diabetics, including juice, provided that the passenger declares such a need and that the volume of each individual container does not exceed 148 ml (5 oz.).

In order to improve the security control procedure it is recommended that you do not take any items on board that could be used as containers for liquid substances (e.g. bottles, tubes, plastic containers).


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