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2008-01-022007 Summary

The Katowice International Airport in Pyrzowice cleared 1 995 914 passengers - 37% more than in 2006. In comparison to 2006, a significant increase in passenger volume was noted in both scheduled services and charter traffic. In terms of scheduled services, the airport cleared 1 592 743 passengers - 35.5% more than in the previous year. Charter traffic increased by 47%, thus with its 432 830 charter passengers, the airport in Pyrzowice cemented its position as the Charter Centre of Southern Poland and the largest after Warsaw Airport, in terms of charter traffic. The increase in passenger volume naturally resulted in a significant (24 489 -16%) increase in aircraft operations than in the corresponding period in the previous year. The largest number of passengers were cleared in August (249 142), which was also the busiest month for charter traffic with 83 366 passengers being cleared. In 2007, scheduled services accounted for 76.5% of the passenger volume, with 21.5% and the remaining 2% accounting for charter flights and General Aviation respectively.

2007 saw a considerable increase in the number of network of connections to and from Katowice Airport. The outright leader in the number of connections is the low-cost airline Wizz Air, which opened 10 new connections: London-Stanstead, Belfast, Eindhovem, Bourgas, Crete-Herkalion, Bournemouth, Malmo-Sturup, Coventry, Glasgow-Prestwich, Brussels-Charleroi. Polish Airlines LOT together with Centralwings each opened one new connection to Turin and Shannon in Ireland respectively. The largest low-cost airline in Europe, Ryannair, debuted in Katowice in November last year with 2 connections: Bristol and Dublin.

It is forecast that the Airport will clear 2.6 million passengers in 2008, owing to new routes being opened: London-Gatwick, Warna (Wizz Air), Bydgoszcz (Jet Air) as well as a 40% increase in the frequency of flights on current routes operated by the leading carrier at Katowice International Airport - Wizz Air.


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