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2006-06-238 new tour-operators

The first two months of this year's 5th edition of "I fly from Katowice!" program have just passed. Every year our program arouses interest in passengers and also in travel agencies taking part in it. Passengers arriving and departing from our airport enjoy the discounts offered within the program, implementing them in service points and various restaurants. They either print the discount vouchers straight from our website or receive them in one of the travel agencies we cooperate with.

This year 30 tour-operators, over 400 travel agencies and all the airlines operating from our airport participate in the program. Among the new TOs, which organize direct charter flights from the International Airport (MPL) Katowice first time this year, are those who organize flights to Bulgaria (Easy Tour and Jaguar II), to Greece and Crete (Easy Travel, Grecos Holiday and Mega Travel) and to Dalaman in Turkey (Sopol). Additionally, this season Orbis will launch charter flights from MPL to Greece, Bulgaria, Egypt, Turkey, Spain and Tunisia known under the new brand name Familiada and BP Explorer - a tour-operator organizing "incentive" type of tours - has started to organize flights to China, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and Indonesia.

Since the very moment our program was introduced, on our website an internet voting has been taking place, where internet users can choose the best tour-operator organizing flights from International Airport Katowice. They do it by clicking the icon of the travel agency, placed next to its logo.

"I fly from Katowice!" program is unique on a national scale, as it includes individual passengers, tour-operators and airlines. Upper Silesian Aviation Group in that way executes consistently a plan to create "Charter Center for Southern Poland" (CCSP) in Pyrzowice.


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